Sergeant William Moriarty of the 1st Battalion, 25th (Kings Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot. This carte de visite
was taken  in Montreal, Canada sometime around 1869-70 during the battalion's deployment in that city. The1/25th
had arrived in Canada from the Mediterranean in 1862. The photograph is inscribed
"W. Moriarty O.R.C. 1/25th
The O.R.C. initials after Moriarty's name designate his appointment as Orderly Room Clerk.  

While Sergeant Moriarty's service records have remained elusive the Army index for 1861 does confirm his
Christian name as being William and gives his service number as 416. He was stationed at Gibraltar with his
battalion when the index was compiled and held the rank of private.

Carte de Visite
J. Inglis - Photographer
122 Great St. James Street, Montreal, Canada
c. 1869