A young G.W. Berridge in the uniform of Montreal Highland Cadets. A fine example of early Edwardian-era
photographic art. Note the finely detailed painted backdrop. A special thanks to Mr. Donald Perder of the Army
Museum of South Australia for identifying Berridge's membership in the Montreal Highland Cadets.

After further research this G. W. Berridge may be George W. Berridge who was born on Montreal 15 June, 1890 the
son of John T. Berridge and the former Miss. Isabella Gow. Further investigation is needed to confirm this possibility.

Additional information which has been kindly provided by Mr. Jim Berridge of Ontario confirms the above
suppositions. He also mentions that his father who was George W. Berridge's half brother related the story that
George W. Berridge died at the age of 22 as the result of a railroad accident.

G.W. Berridge
Mounted Photograph
5 1/2  by 7 3/4 inches (14cm x 19.5cm)
Arlis - Photographer
Montreal, Canada
March 1908