Cabinet Photograph
Herbst - Photographer
28 Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
c. 1890s

Unidentified except for a faint pencil inscription on the reverse side which reads "
For Ada", the cabinet photograph captures the image of a gunner of the New South Wales Artillery.
The New South Wales Artillery had a lineage dating back to as early as 1854.

This gunner's uniform consisted of a dark blue tunic with scarlet collar, buff colored trousers and whitened buff leather belt. His shoes are topped with leather leggings that are cut to
resemble hussar type boots. Often members of the unit are seen wearing dark blue puttees instead of leather leggings. His white foreign service helmet is topped with a ball and it was
wrapped in a dark blue pagri with a red band around the top edge. The helmet plate was in the form of a circular wreath surmounted by a crown. This surrounded a cross overlaid with
four stars and a lion. The plate was backed by scarlet cloth.