Cabinet Photograph
H. Dorner - Photographer
Auburn Street, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
c. 1891

Identified on the lower front of the cabinet photograph's mount by his initials "AEQ" and a fully signed inscription on the photo's reverse side, Arthur Ellis Quartly was born about 1872
in New Zealand. His parents were Edwin Charles Quartly and Mary Amy Ellis. The family moved to New South Wales at some point prior to 1891, the approximate date of this

Arthur was photographed in what appears to be the uniform of the 2nd Regiment, New South Wales Volunteer Infantry. His uniform closely matches those seen in a group photo of
members of E Company, 4th Regiment, New South Wales Volunteer Infantry also taken in the 1890s and housed at the Australian War Memorial. His hat badge closely matches one of
2nd Regiment (also housed at the Australian War Memorial) that once belonged to a certain Leopold Ferguson who was a resident of Goulburn.

Quartly's military career seems to have been limited to volunteer service in Australia and I can find no evidence that he served overseas during either the Anglo-Boer War or during
World War One.

Arthur Ellis Quartly married Deborah Jane Hancock (also from New Zealand) at Newtown, New South Wales on 11 March 1903. The couple appears to have had one daughter - Lela
Marjory - born in 1905. He appears to have been employed as an attorney.

Arthur Ellis Quartly died at Balwyn, Victoria on 7 October 1955.
Below: The photograph's reverse side, signed by Arthur Ellis Quartly to his English cousin Dody.