Unidentified actor in a production of  "Brünhild". He has inscribed the photograph on the reverse to a L. R. Willard
(a stage actor I have been able to find but a small amount concerning) and has signed simply as Reed and dated the
card "Season of 1878"

I believe that this image was taken during a production play titled
Brünhild by Emanuel Geibel. The play dealt with
the same subject and characters as Wagner's more well known opera.

The name Janauschek also appears in the inscription. This no doubt refers to the tempestuous Czech-born actress
Fanny Janauschek (1830 -1904) who was noted for her tragedienne performances which included Medea and Lady
Macbeth - the role of which she performed opposite Edwin Booth.

It should also be noted that I have found references to this play as being titled both as
Brünhild and the more usual

Cabinet Photograph
Robinson - Photographer
77 Clark & 631 Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States