Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence and Avondale was the eldest son of Edward, Prince of Wales. The grandson of
Queen Victoria he was second in line to the throne after his father but died in 1892 leaving his younger brother
George to become king after their father.

The Prince's life has been subject to speculation and conspiracy theories over many aspects of his life. His intellect,
sexuality and sanity have all been the subject of various alternative theories. Probably the most fantastic of these
and now widely discredited is the rumor that Albert Victor was indeed the infamous Whitechaple murderer, Jack the

While was something of a libertine - involvement in a male brothel in London (the Cleveland Street Scandal) and
probably fathering an illegitimate son while touring India - he also had the reputation as a charming personality and a
warm friend.

He was created The Duke of Clarence & Avondale in 1890.

He was engaged to his second cousin once removed, Princess Victoria Mary of Teck (known as Princess May) in
1890. Princess May was the eldest daughter of Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, a granddaughter of King
George III, and her husband Prince Francis, Duke of Teck. But prior to the marriage taking place he died of
pneumonia as a complication of influenza on January 14, 1892.

However many rumours and conspiracy theories suggest alternatives to the official cause of death. One theory
believes that he actually died of syphilis. Another claims that he died of a morphine overdose, deliberately
administered to him. Yet another claims that he survived until the 1920s in an asylum on the Isle of Wight and that
his death was faked to remove him from the line of succession. There is no particular evidence to support any of
these contentions.

Cabinet Photograph
Lafayette  - Photographer
Dublin, Glasgow & Manchester
c. 1890