Archibald Forbes the War Correspondent for the Morning Advisor and Daily News could very well have been one
of the most highly decorated civilians of all time. So far I have only been able to identify the four medals of the top
row: Order of St. Stanislas from Russia, the Iron Cross 2nd Class for Non-Combatants, the civil class of the Pour
Le Mérite and  the French Legion of Honor. The one medal he is not wearing is the British 1877-79 South Africa
Medal. While covering the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 Forbes made a famous night time ride through enemy held
territory after the Battle of Ulundi in order to get his story posted back to England. His application for the campaign
medal was turned down by Lord Chelmsford on the grounds that the messages he carried for several British
officers were of a personal nature, not official despatches and therefore the ride did not qualify Forbes for the

Below is an autographed note from Archibald Forbes

Cabinet Photograph
Elliott & Fry - Photographer
55 Baker Street, London, W, England
c. 1880's