A Real Photo Post card of Sir Ian Standish Hamilton in the uniform of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders . I
owe a special thanks to Mr. Michael Deutsch who provided information regarding proper identification of General
Hamliton's uniform.

He was born in Corfu, Greece in 1853. He entered the army in 1873 and served in Afghanistan (1878), the
Transvaal War of 1881, The Gordon Relief Expedition of 1884-85 and the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1901.
On the outbreak of the First World War Hamilton was put in charge of Britain's home forces. In March 1915 Lord
Kitchener selected Hamilton to take 75,000 soldiers to Gallipoli. He was much criticised for the Gallipoli landings
and at subsequent operations at Anzac Cove and Sulva Bay.

Relieved of his command, Hamilton was brought back to England where he became Lieutenant of the Tower
(1918-1920). Sir Ian Hamilton died in 1947.

Below is the reverse of the card with Sir Ian Hamilton's autograph.

Real Photo Post card
Elliot & Fry - Photographer
London,  England
c. 1910