Field Marshal Sir John Fox Burgoyne, 1st Baronet GCB (July 24, 1782 – October 7, 1871)

Burgoyne was the illegitimate son of General "Gentleman Johnny"John Burgoyne and opera singer Susan
Caulfield. In 1798, he was commissioned as Second Lieutenant of the British Royal Engineers. He fought against
the army of Napoleon I and campaigned in the Pyrenees under the Duke of Wellington. Wellington transferred him
to Burgos and later to San Sebastian to participate in the siege of Rosetta. In the War of 1812, he fought under
General Pakenham as a Lieutenant Colonel and participated in the Battle of New Orleans.

In 1826, Burgoyne accompanied General Clinton to Portugal. He was appointed as Colonel in 1831. In 1838, he
became a Major General and in 1845 was named Inspector-General of Fortifications. His memoirs prompted the
fortification of the English coast.

During the Irish Potato Famine, Burgoyne led the efforts to provide relief from mass starvation. In 1851, he was
promoted to Lieutenant General. Before the outbreak of the Crimean War, he went to Constantinople to assist in
its fortification and the fortification of the Dardanelles. During the siege of Sevastopol, he arranged for the
bombardment of Malakoff. Upon his return to England in 1856, he received a baronetcy. In 1865, he was made the
Commander of the Tower of London and retired in 1868 as a Field Marshal.

John Fox Burgoyne died on October 7, 1871 in London. He was the father of Hugh Talbot Burgoyne.

Carte de Visite
Elliott & Fry - Photographer
55 Baker Street, London,  England
c. 1870