This photograph of General (later Field Marshal) Herbert Horatio Kitchener on his return to England after his
successful campaign in the Sudan against the Mahdi's successor, the Khalifa. The campaign culminated with the
Battle of Omdurman where the Khalifa's forces were routed and Khartoum recaptured.

In the Boer War (1899-1902) Kitchener was chief of staff to Lord Frederick Roberts and was responsible for
developing strategies to deal with the Boer guerrilla campaign. His decision to destroy Boer farms and to move
civilians into concentration camps resulted him being highly criticised by politicians.  

He was appointed Secretary of War during World War I and took a good portion of the blame for the Gallipoli
disaster. He died while in route to Russia in 1916 when the HMS Hampshire on which he was traveling to Russia,
was struck a mine off the Orkneys.

Cabinet Photograph
Messrs Bassano - Photographer
25 Old Bond Street, London W.,  England