This is perhaps the definitive portrait of General Charles George "Chinese" Gordon of the Royal Engineers
wearing the fez and uniform of Governor General of the Sudan. He gained early fame leading the Emperor of
China's so-called Ever Victorious Army against rebels in the 1860's. Later as Governor of the Sudan (1877-79) he
almost single handedly put an end to slavery in that nominal but blighted province of the Ottoman Empire. He
returned in 1884 to help lead the evacuation of the Sudanese capitol Khartoum in the face of the Mahdi's rebellion.
Besieged, he led the hopeless but gallant defense of that city in the face of overwhelming odds and died when the
city fell on 26 January, 1885 - the day before a British relief column reached the city.

Cabinet Photograph - Trimmed
The London Stereoscopic Company - Photographer
110, 108 & 106 Regent Street W., London, England
c. 1880