2nd Lieutenant, 25th Regiment of Foot - 26 April, 1881

Lieutenant, King's Own Scottish Borderers - 28 April 1881

Seconded to the Indian Staff Corps - 19 November, 1884

Captain, Indian Staff Corps - 14 January 1891

Brevet Major and DSO, 32nd Sikh Pioneers - 10 July, 1895

Major, 34th Sikh Pioneers - 14 January, 1900

Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel, 34th Sikh Pioneers - 8 October, 1902

Lieutenant-Colonel, 34th Sikh Pioneers - 1 May, 1904

Brevet Colonel, 34th Sikh Pioneers - 8 June, 1907

Colonel and Half-pay - 1 January, 1911

Retired - 30 December, 1912

Colonel, Reserve of Officers - 11 August, 1914

Temporary Birgadier-General, 36th Brigade, 12th (Eastern) Division - 24 August, 1914

Wounded at Loos - 1 October, 1915

Honorary Brigadier-General - 12th June, 1919
Carte de Visite
Hill & Saunders - Photographer
York Town, England
c. 1878
The despatch from Lieutenant-Colonel J.G. Kelly, Giglit Force reads in part as follows:

"Captain H. B. Borradaile, 32nd Pioneers, who has commanded the regiment throughout. This officer showed great
determination and resolution in taking the first party and guns over the Shandur Pass, and has commanded the regiment
with great spirit and gallantry throught the arduous march to Chitral, and I strongly recommend him for some mark of

He commanded the  34th Sikh Pioneers from 1902 until 1909.Retiring on 30 December 1912 with the rank of colonel,
Borradaile was recalled to active service at the beginning of World War One and given command of 36th Brigade, 12th
(Eastern) Division, New Army,
then forming at Colchester. He was responsible for the brigade’s preliminary training and
took it
to war in June 1915. Brigadier-General Borradaile was wounded on 1 October 1915, the first day of 36th Brigade’s
first action, at Loos and was ordered home soon afterward.

Borradaile married Florence Nightingale Soden in 1890. They had one son and three daughters. In 1912 Borradaile and his
wife are listed as living at 18 Egerton Gardens in London.

Harry Benn Borradaile died in 1948.

An outline of his military career is as follows: