Cabinet Photograph sized Mounted Photograph
R. B. F. Craig - Photographer
Ballinger, Texas
, United States.
c. 1900s

While their actual trade will probably never be known for certain, the two young men certainly fit the proverbial bill for being cowboys or ranch hands from the early 1900s. Located
almost literally in the heart of Texas, Ballinger (founded in 1886) was home to numerous cattle ranches any of which these men may have been employed. It is also possible that they
were working on their own account, the owners of their own spread. Unfortunately they are unidentified so researching their story will be problematic.

One interesting detail of the men's costumes are the decorative buttons arraigned in a trefoil pattern on the seated man's collar points. They are purely decorative in function and are
typical of the small stylistic flourishes so beloved by denizens of the Old West.