1/6th Plate Tintype (Ferrotype)
Unknown Photographer
Texas, United States
c. 1870s

While little specific information regarding this 1870s vintage tintype can be discerned, other than it was found at an estate sale in Texas, some details can e guessed at. It appears quite
likely that all three men were bothers or at least close relatives. All three men wear garb which could be seen as stereotypical of that worn in the West at the time, with the man seated
at right the standout amongst the three with his high v-notched boots and his broad-brimmed hat. His hat was probably what is called in cowboy hat parlance "silver belly", a term used
to describe the silvery gray felt from which it was made.

Perhaps the most standout feature of this photograph is the gaunt, hollow-eyed appearance of all three men. This look is particularly evident in the same seated man on the right. He
looks decidedly unwell. While we could be viewing nothing more than inherited physical traits, his look does bring to mind contemporary descriptions of the tubercular John "Doc"
Holliday of OK Corral fame.