This 1/6th plate tintype is titled "The Kid" simply because this young cowboy was nothing more than a kid when his posed for his 25 cents of immortality in some long forgotten
Western photographic parlor.

His head is capped off by a "boss of the plains" style hat and he wore a band collared shirt under his vest and jacket. The most curious detail of this image is that this young man chose
to wear his leather shotgun chaps tucked into his fancy notched front boots. Chaps were always worn over the boot tops and I have never seen another photograph of this distinctive
piece of cowboy tack showing them being worn in this manner. My guess is that tucked the chaps in so as to show off his boots which may actually be embellished with decorative

Another interesting item in the photograph is the studio chair on which he rests his hand. When examined it becomes obvious that one could not sit on this chair in a normal manner.
This type of chair was only found in period photographic studios and the subject would sit on it reversed with their forearms crossed across the top of the rest. In fact if you look at the
rest closely you can see that it was adjustable for the height of each sitter.  

16th Plate Tintype (Ferrotype)
Unknown Photographer
United States
c. 1870s