Cabinet Style Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Western United States
c. 1890s

Recreating a scene acted out in the Old West far too often, this obviously staged reenactment depicts the proverbial "greenhorn" being held up by outlaws on a lonely trail somewhere
"out west". All of the participants appear to be U.S. Army personnel  - even the greenhorn appears to be riding an army horse fitted out with an army issue McClellan saddle. Based on
the uniforms the soldiers are wearing and the Krag carbines being held by the two soldiers on the left, the photograph appears to date from the 1890s.

The hapless victim of the holdup is being relived of his pocket watch and what looks to be a bottle of quack elixir.  The standing outlaw/soldier at right looks to be armed with an Model
1881 Springfield Trapdoor forager 20 gauge shotgun. The outlaw/soldier third from left may also be armed with a 1881 forager. He also holds a rope - could this imply a so-called "neck
tie party" is at hand?

I another interesting detail, the tall outlaw/soldier standing to the right of the victim looks to be carrying a Colt Single Action Army revolver with American eagle hard rubber grips. The
revolver appears to be of the 5 1/2 inch barreled artillery model variety and is being carried in a civilian style Mexican drop loop holster.