Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Kemmerer, Wyoming, United States
July 1907

This unnamed buckaroo and his trusty mount were photographed at Kemmerer, Wyoming, in July of 1907. Located on the eastern fringes of the Great Basin in southwest Wyoming,
Kemmerer was establish around 1897 with an economy based on coal. A mine building is visible behind this cowpoke. The coal mine is still in operation but today Kemmerer is also
known as the Aquarium in Stone due to the incredible abundance of fossil fish that can be found in the vicinity.

All fishiness aside, this photograph offers an outstanding view of an early 20th Century cowboy. His gear includes a Montana Peak hat, two bandanas, horseshoe embroidered fringed
gauntlets and shotgun style chaps. The high backed cantle of his saddle is characteristic of that of a working cowboy.