An unidentified trooper in what almost certainly appears to be the uniform of the British South Africa Company Police. While very small in
this photograph this trooper appears to wear the lion badge associated with the Company Police on his sleeve.

The reverse of the card has a small slip of blue lined paper glued to it with the name of "Mrs. Shaw" inscribed on it. One might assume that
this Mrs. Shaw was the intended recipient of the photograph.

Eventually renamed the British South Africa Police the unit served during the two wars with the Matabele peoples (1893 and 1896/97), the
founding of Rhodesia, during the Anglo-Boer War and later in Tanganyika during World War One. It later would become the senior regiment
of the Rhodesian armed forces.

Cabinet Photograph
Fitz G. Foreman/Salisbury Studio - Photographer
Salisbury, Mashonaland
c. 1895