Captain (Acting Major) William Henry Degacher of the 1st Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot.

William Henry Degacher was born on 4 April 1841. The son of Walter Henry Degacher.

Captain William Degacher was educated at Saint-Omer, France and at Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, England. He was commissioned on
31 May 1859 with the rank of Ensign, in the service of the 24th Regiment. He was educated at Imperial College, London, England. He gained
the rank of Lieutenant on 19 August 1862. At the time of the Anglo-Zulu War, Degacher was Acting Major in the 1st Battalion.
He was killed in
action on 22 January 1879 at age 37 in Zululand at the Battle of Isandlwana.

His older brother Henry, was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 2nd Battalion of the 24th.

It is an interesting genealogical side note that Decacher was actor David Niven's maternal grandfather.

Carte de Visite sized mounted Photograph
Unknown  Photographer/Copiest
Original Photograph c. 1877.  Copied c. 1880