Children in Uniform
c. 1890
"The Littlest Yeoman"
Boer War Era
Soldier's Son
c. 1900
Royal Artilleryman
His Military Family
c. 1900
With the exception of an over
sized bandoleer, this young man
wears a perfectly proportioned
uniform of the Royal Fusiliers.

Was he the son of a serving
soldier or a young man who
enlisted while still a boy?
Cabinet Photograph
Fox & Hill - Photographer
c. 1895
Imperial Yeomanry
Soldier's Son
c. 1900
Little Sailors
Toy Soldiers
c. 1890
of the
Boys Brigade
c. 1900
Young Bandsman
of the
Rifle Volunteers
c. 1880's
Boy in Uniform
Crimean War Medals
c. 1890
Two Boys costumed
for celebrating the
Relief of Mafeking
c. 1900
London Church Lads Seregants
c. 1900
John Westcott Davidson

Mounted Photograph
c. 1901
This fascinating photograph of a
young boy dressed as an officer of a
Indian cavalry regiment and proudly
mounted on his pony is identified on
the reverse in a pencil inscription as
John Westcott Davidson. I have been
unable to find any historical reference
to anyone one or anything of that
name with the unusual exception of an
automobile dealership in Watertown,
New York.

After pursuing the investigation
further I came to the possible
conclusion that this young man may
actually be John Waugh Davidson
was born on 11 January, 1895 at
Tamil Nadu, India being the son of
John Paton Davidson, a civil
engineer in Madras and his wife
Ellen Arbuthnot Grimes.
Priscilla Williams: "Wee Willie Winkie. It does sound like a soldier, doesn't it?"  Sgt. Donald MacDuff: "Aye." Priscilla Williams: "Then I'd be Private Winkie!"  Sgt. Donald MacDuff: "Private Winkie it is.
A full-fledged soldier of the Queen!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           from the 1937 film We Willie Winkie
Corporal Storey: (on the death by friendly fire of the drummer boy) Oh no! Come all this bloody way to get shot by a bullet from Birmingham? Shoot straight you bastards!
                                                                                                                                                                                                from the 1979 film production of Zulu Dawn
Little Soldier
Norfolk Jacket
c. 1900
Plymouth Artillery
c. 1890
Drummer John Francis Dunne

1st Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

c. 1880s
Bandsman A. Mortimer
The Queen's West Surrey
c. 1880's
Miniature Lieutenant
Rangoon, Burma
c. 1880's
Young Guardsman
c. 1890's
Three Brothers
Jeppestown, Cape Colony, South Africa
c. 1900
Boy Scout Bugler
c. 1915
Young Boy
Photographed with
Military Props
c. 1900