Looking decidedly unhappy with his situation, this young boy appears to be wearing a tiny version of a Lieutenant's (or Captain's)uniform complete with sword. One might suspect that
his rank mirrored that of his father. His hand rests on a bottle of J. T. Morton, Preserved Provisions. And while this might appear to be an early example of product placement the bottle
was probably being used by the photographer to help keep the child's hand occupied during the long exposure time. This problem is evident in the child's blurred left and face.

He appears to be wearing two garter stars on his shoulder straps which would make him a Captain in the pre-1902 rank system and a Lieutenant in the post-1902 system. His cuff braid
appears to that of a pre-1902 Lieutenant.  Given that he looks all of two years old perhaps I am over analyzing his rank a bit too much.

Carte de Visite
P. Klier - Photographer
Rangoon, British Burmah
c. 1880s