After quite some time I have decided to reintroduce my store that will feature items inspired by the collection of antique photographs. The store was originally created
during the earliest days of the website but was terminated not long after so as to allow more time in expanding the principle content of the website. After several years and having an established and
growing following online I thought it might be nice to reopen the Quartermaster & Commissariat Department.

All of the items featured here are original designs created by myself and showcase images from the collection. While only a few items are shown here many more are available through the's store at Clicking on any of the below links will take you there.  All purchases will be conducted through and that firm handles all associated business
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Brought together from the far corners of the
Empire this mug features a group of nine
"recruits" will soon be shaped into fighting
men of fine trim by their unseen Colour-
Sergeant. The mug bears the a quote from
Rudyard Kipling’s redoubtable rascal Daniel
Dravot, Esq.
“We’re going to teach you soldiering
the world’s noblest profession.”
What better way
than the gift of one of these to establish a solid
working relationship with your own Colour-
Sergeant or simply enjoying a hot cup of coffee
while watching a rebroadcast of
The Man Who Would Be King.
A newly graphically updated version of the
original, this coffee mug features original
custom graphics commemorating the ill-fated
encounter between British forces under Lord
Chelmsford and those of the Zulu King
Cetshwayo at Isandlwana on 22 January 1879.
The design includes portraits of Lieutenants
Nevill Coghill VC and Teignmouth Melvill VC
of the 24th Regiment of Foot and Colonel
Anthony Durnford of the Royal Engineers. The
mug also bears the famous "
Die like British
soldiers do
" quote at appeared in the 15 March
1879 issue of
The Graphic.
"We're Going to Teach you Soldiering..."
Coffee Mug
Isandlwana Commemorative
Coffee Mug
"...Benighted Muckers"
"Saviour of 'is country"
Using graphics similar to those of the "We're Going to
Teach You Soldiering
" coffee mug this 20 inch x 16 inch
poster includes a bit more of Daniel Dravot's
exhortation to his new troops and is available on varied
selection of paper stocks as well as canvas.

It can be purchased as a plain poster or custom framed
up to museum standards. It is shown here with the
optional custom black frame and double matting.
A tribute to all troops past and present, this 16 by 20 inch poster
bears two lines from Rudyard Kipling's poem
Tommy which was his
answer to the publics often indifferent attitude to the men who kept
watch over Queen Victoria's far flung empire.

Available on varied selection of paper stocks as well as canvas. It can
be purchased as a plain poster or custom framed up to museum
standards. It is shown here with the optional custom black frame and
double matting.
"Freedom will be theirs..."
Freedom will be theirs by the sword” were the words inscribed
on the Army of the Potomac Medal by its creator Union General
Benjamin Butler. General Butler had the medal minted at his
own expense as a way to honor the courage and fidelity of the
African American troops who served under his command during
the American Civil War.

This original digital composition was created in conjunction with
the exhibit "
African American Military Portraits from the
American Civil War
" exhibited at the California African
American Museum in Los Angeles, California. A unique single
edition version of this poster was auctioned at
the museum’s annual gala fund raiser in 2012.

Commemorating the sesquicentennial of the American Civil
War and the contributions made by African American troops to
this seminal event in
U.S. history this poster measures an impressive 16 ½ inches
wide by 30 inches high. The central figure is from the
Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs housed
at the Library of Congress, Washington DC (used by
permission). The period background map shows the area around
Fort Wagner, the Confederate fortification that was attacked by
the famed 54th Massachusetts Regiment – one of the first all
black regiments raised during the war and subject of the film

This poster is available on a variety of paper stocks and can be
ordered custom framed and matted as pictured here.
"Not gods - Englishmen..."
Coffee Mug
When Billy Fish asks is the two strangers
are gods, Peachy Carnehan’s response of:
Not gods – Englishmen. The next best
” is another of the many classic lines
of dialog from John Huston’s classic film
adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s
The Man
Who Would be King
. This coffee mug
features a slightly different selection of
soldiers from the archives of and just the thing
to help put the fear of Englishmen back
into the hearts members of your next board
meeting or regimental association.
Victorian Military Types
This 24 inch by 36 inch poster showcases reproductions
of twenty late 19th and early 20th Century cabinet
photographs  from the
archives all of which feature full length portraits of
members of Queen Victoria’s Imperial and colonial forces.

Illustrating some the incredible diversity of military units
that served in both Great Britain and throughout its far
flung empire, each image carries a short caption that
describes the unit’s geographical origin and well as the
rank and regimental or service affiliation of the subject.
Soldiers from Britain, India, Canada, South Australia,
New Zealand, Natal and Cape Colony are included in this
historical survey. Regular, volunteer and colonial troop
are all represented.

This poster is a wonderful opportunity to display these
rare and in most cases unique images of Great Britain’s
military heritage and pay tribute to Kipling’s
"Thin red
(and khaki) line of 'eroes".

The poster is available on a selection of paper stocks and
can be ordered with a standard frame or custom framed
and matted to museum standards.
"...Highlander by the Grace of God."
Coffee Mug
Long since vanished due to the steady march of amalgamation this coffee mug design
commemorates many of the great kilted Highland Regiments that served in Victoria’s
many wars both great and small. Images from the archives
include those of the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), the Seaforth Highlanders, the
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the Liverpool Scottish.

These antique images are set against a background of the Black Watch tartan and
features the anonymous “…Highlander by the Grace of God” quote. It will hold coffee as
well as the old 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) held the line at Balaklava. It will hold a
touch of the old single malt just as well.
This 16 inch by 20 inch poster
commemorates the legendary King’s
African Rifles which served
throughout Africa and the Far East
from 1902 until 1957. From such far
flung places as Somalia, German East
Africa, Italian East Africa to Japanese
occupied Burma the KAR won a
renown all their own.

This poster features the early 1900s
image of a much decorated veteran
sergeant of the King’s African Rifles
along with a group photo of the
sergeant’s unit. He can in fact be seen
the group photo sitting on the ground
center between his two officers. At his
feet rests a lion – the universal
African symbol of strength and
courage. Both rare images are from
Available on a selection of paper
stocks and matted/framed to you
Brother to the Lion
Queen Victoria's Highlanders
The second in the Types of
Victoria’s Army series of
posters, this large format (24
inch by 36 inch) poster features
cabinet photographs and carte de
visites depicting officers and men
from some of Queen Victoria’s
Scottish regiments and
battalions.  Not an exhaustive
collection, this collection is
simply an sampling of those
units – both “Highland” and
“Lowland” – that can be found
here at www.soldiersofthequeen.
com. Each image is identified as
to unit, location and date in some
cases identified as to the name of
the specific soldier or officer.

As are all posters offered here
this example is available on a
selection of paper stocks and
matted/framed to you