Based on the King's crown cap device on his shako, this warder had his portrait taken sometime during the reign of Edward VII although his uniform and equipment are virtually
identical to that worn during the later part of Victoria's reign. His uniform would have been dark blue wool and it appears that he has some sort of insignia on his shoulder straps. He
wears black leather side lacing leggings and black leather belt/pouch equipment.  He is armed with a short sword with a slightly curved blade and has a single cuff shackle hanging from
his belt which would probably have been used to lead prisoners much like a leash. He also has a rather oddly shaped black leather holster suspended by a cross belt. If there was a
revolver housed in the holster it would have been of a very short barreled variety such as bulldog pattern Webley. On a chain around his neck is a whistle.

The photograph's mount is completely unmarked and is probably the product of a traveling photographer. Under examination the "studio" is in fact outdoors with a carpet place on the
ground under the warder's feet and a painted canvas backdrop draped in front of s stone wall - possibly that of the prison where the warder was employed.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1905