Cabinet Photograph
Hudson & Company - Photographer
Birmingham, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton, England
c. 1890

From this former soldier's collection of medals, he had obviously seen a good deal of active service before leaving the colours. His awards include the 2nd Afghan War Medal with
one clasp, the bronze Kabul to Kandahar Star, and the 1854 India General Service Medal with one clasp. Unfortunately, none of his medal clasps are readable.  

He wears a non-military uniform of uncertain affiliation. The badge on his forage cap is in the shape of a quartered heater type shield with a rather indistinct design inside. His buttons
bear the same shield but surrounded by a wreath. The fact that both badge and buttons lack a crown would seem to imply that whatever organization was it did not have official royal
sanction.  The emblem in question may be associated with a municipality or perhaps a school or church based organization to which this former soldier may have belonged.