Carte de Visite
Bourne & Shepherd - Photographer
c. 1880

Generally when a photographer was making a duplicate photograph from an existing image they brought the existing image as close to the camera lens as possible in order to capture is
as large and with as much detail a possible. Neither of these factors appear to have been a consideration when this image was taken. It seems in fact to have been something of a
demonstration of technique exercise as anything else. The original carte is held in a wheel like cast iron holder which is displayed with as much if not more importance than the image
being duplicated. Being that original image was also by the same photographic firm (the card mounts on both images are identical) leads me to believe that the image was indeed made for
some sort of demonstrational purposes.  Given that most photo studios by this time kept a file of produced negatives in case duplicates were requested by the client also lends to this