One of two of a series of real photo postcard produce in France in probably the first quarter of the 20th Century depicting a young actress in the role of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc).
This and the example below are two from a series that probably chronicled much Joan's life. I am not certain how many cards made up the total set but I have seen at least eight
differing scenes. Both cards bear the number "955" beneath the studio's monogram and this must represent the series number.

The quality of the cards is exceptional from both a technical and creative perspective. The model's armor appears to be real and not simply a studio prop and the painted backdrop is
an exceptional example of the type. Both cards are subtly hand colored differing only in the color chosen for her tabard - blue and gold above and red below - which seems to indicate
that these two card come from separate colorists and probably separate production batches.

As is almost always the case no information regarding the identity of this attractive actress/model has been found

Real Photo Postcards
nknown Photographer
arly 20th Century