An excellent site featuring military photographs from France's "belle époque".
A site dealing with French Hussar Cavalry regiments but with an excellent section of similar
British units. This link will take you drectly to the British pages.
Other Military & History Related Web Sites
A society dedicated to the study of all facets of military history.
A site dedicated to the Columbia Detachment of the Royal Engineers - 1858 -1863
Dedicated to the research and documentation of the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905
The official website of the Royal Hospital Chelsea - Home of the famous Chelsea Pensioners
Web Sites for the Collector
The official website of the former 24th Foot/ South Wales Borderers Museum.
The web site of the Green Howards (19th Regiment of Foot) Regimental Museum
An excellent source for original 19th Century Photographs in a wide variety of subject matter.
Alibris - Millions of Books from Independent

A non-profit society of enthusiasts dedicated to the study, recording and dissemination of
military aspects of South Africa's history
The site to visit for information about Kipling's "cross-eyed old bitch" - the Victorian British
Soldier's classic long arm - the Martini Henry rifle.
This outstanding site explores the Second Anglo-Afghan War with a special emphasis on
Lord Roberts' epic march fro Kabul to Kandahar.
Everything anyone might need to know about this famous battle of the Anglo -Zulu War and the
eleven Victoria Crosses awarded there.
Victorian-era British Military Related Web Sites
Sgt. Archibald Cutter: "How can we get a nice little war going?"
from the 1939 film Gunga Din
Official site for the history of The Legion of Frontiersmen
A collection of images relating to the militaries of the British Empire and the Commonwealth
An well done website illustrating German uniforms, equipment and insignia of this little
known area colonial military history - a subscription based genealogy website with an incredible wealth of original documents, census, military records etc.
Research Websites
The London Gazette - free archive search of the London Gazette going back to the 1600's.
Excellent for tracking British military officer's careers and citations for awards of valour.
An outstanding and comprehensive site dealing with the Anglo-Boer War
John Dovey's site that collects information on South African military units from the early
A society dedicated to the preservation of Kitchener's river gunboat Melik and the paddle steamer Bordein
Find Rare and Out-of-Print Books about British Military History at Alibris
Outstanding site covering the history of the military pith helmet from its creation until current times.