Mounted Photograph
7 3/8 inches by 7 inches
(18.7 cm x 17.8cm)
Unknown Photographer

The photograph is mostly self explanatory – the 100 year anniversary (1788 – 1888) of the 102nd (Prince of Wales Own)
Regiment of Native Bombay Infantry (Grenadiers). Depicting the “Ball Room Trophy” of the regiment which consisted of the
Queen’s and Regimental Colours as well as the regimental drums and bugles. Trophy is guarded by four members of the
regiment two of which on the left are uniformed in khaki and armed with Martini-Henry rifles. The other two on the right –
and most interestingly – are dressed as sepoys c.1788. One is armed with a lance and the other a well worn India Pattern
Brown Bess Musket. Since photography did not exist in 1788 this image is a close as we will ever get to seeing what these
very early colonial-era native troops would have looked like.

The 102nd served against Napoleon in Egypt (1801) gaining their Sphinx badge in the process. They later served in the Third
Anglo-Maratha War (1808), the First Afghan War (1840), Napier’s almost bloodless 1868 Abyssinian Campaign, the Second
Afghan War (1878-1880) where the regiment took part in the disastrous Battle of Maiwand and in the Middle East during
World War One. The regiment lost its identity in 1922 when it became the 2nd Battalion, 4th Bombay Grenadiers.