Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1905

An interesting real photo postcard depicting a group of veteran senior NCOs of the Army Ordnance Corps and Royal Artillery. The card in unmarked and none of the men are identified.
The photo dates to the early 1900s.

The man seated at left (appears to be a warrant officer) wears the 1896 Ashanti Star and the British South Africa Company Medal. The man next to him wears the Queen’s South Africa
Medal and the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (LS&GC).

The artilleryman (Quartermaster) stand back row left wears the Queen’s and King’s South Africa Medals and the LS&GC Medal. The Ordnanceman standing far right wears the
Queen’s and King’s South Africa Medals.

The artilleryman standing center is the most interesting. The most bemedaled of the group he seems to have earned the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) at some point in his long
career. Next to his DCM is a single clasp campaign medal that could be the 1877-79 South Africa Medal or either the 1854 or 1895 India General Service Medals (IGSM). After that
comes the Queen’s South Africa Medal and the LS&GC Medal.

The circumstances of his being cited for the DCM may prove elusive. I don’t believe he earned the DCM during the Anglo-Zulu War (if indeed the second medal is the 1877-79 South
Africa Medal) since only three members of the Royal Artillery earned the DCM during conflicts associated with that medal. Both then Gunner John Cantwell (DCM, Rorke’s Drift) and
then Gunner William Morehead (DCM, Ulundi) had both left the service long before this photo was taken. Corporal Edward Quigley (DCM, Kambula) has proved more elusive,
although I can find no evidence of his serving in the Anglo-Boer War as our man obviously did. The pictured man may still have served in Anglo-Zulu War but earned his DCM during
the later Anglo-Boer War. Naturally, if the second medal is one of the two IGSMs the possibilities of his identity increase proportionally.