Tyssen Holroyd received the Crimean War Medal with clasp for Sebastopol, the Turkish Crimean Medal and the Indian Mutiny
Medal with clasp for Lucknow.

Other overseas service included Malta (March 1862 - October 1863), Gibraltar (October 1863 - June 1866), Canada (July 1866 -
October 1867) and India again (April 1868 - November 1869). He reappears in March 1875 as a Captain and Honorary Major in
the 3rd Volunteer Battalion (Essex Militia) Essex Regiment. Promoted Major & Hon. Lt. Col. on 26 April, 1890 and finally
Lieutenant Colonel on 12 August, 1893. He disappears from the Army List after October 1898.

Tyssen Sowley Holroyd  married Mary Ann Jane Corbett in 1872. I have been unable to find any children listed.

He died at the age of 76 on 22 May, 1914.

Signed Cabinet Photograph
Northlight Studio, William Gill - Photographer
Colchester, England