A member of the 7th "Queen's Own" Hussars. He is wearing one campaign medal that for some reason is pinned to
South Africa Company Medal that was awarded for services in Matabeleland (1893), Rhodesia (1896) and
Mashonaland (1897). Research indeed indicates that elements of the 7th Hussars served in both Matabeleland and
Mashonaland. The fact that his medal carries one clasp indicates that this man served in both campaigns since the
medal was issued without a clasp for the first campaign and clasps were only issued for the second of third
expeditions. A rare photographic representation of a rare campaign medal.

The 7th Hussars returned to England in 1898 only to return to South Africa in 1901 for the closing phase of the
Boer War. It is likely that this photograph dates from that brief respite in Britain.

Cabinet Photograph
R. W. Elliott - Photographer
Aldershot, England
c. 1900