Although placed in the Imperial Yeomanry/Volunteers section of this website's Home Service page, there is little to go by in the image that indicate whether this man was a regular or a
volunteer. That he was serving with a mounted unit seems to be the case since over the shoulder bandoliers were generally but not exclusively worn by mounted troops with waist bet
mounted cartridge pouches being issued to regular infantry. The image appears to have been taken just prior to his departure to South Africa with his pristine slouch hat resting on the
studio plinth next to him.

Nest to his rather crudely retouched eye perhaps the most interesting thing in this image are the two bandoliers being worn by this soldier. Both bandoliers seem to be of the woven
canvas Mills pattern type but with added cover flaps to protect the cartridges from the elements. I have not seen other photographic examples of this modification and while probably
far from unique it may have been a late/post war variation. The soldier also seemed determined not to run short on ammunition when the shooting started since one over the shoulder
bandolier seems to have been standard issue, not two.

Cabinet Photograph
H. T. Edwards - Photographer
10 Lewes Road, Brighton, Sussex, England
c. 1900