Looking tanned and fit, this unidentified trooper was probably a returning veteran of the Scottish Horse, a Anglo-Boer War mounted unit originally raised in South Africa during the
war at the behest of Lord Kitchener from Scotsmen and men of Scottish ancestry and supplemented with drafts from Australia and Scotland. Seeing much action from 1 February, 1901
until the end of the war. The local veterans - mostly from Natal - and the Australians were discharge and sent home while the remnants of the two regiments were sent to Scotland to be
disbanded and the remaining men discharged. This man was in all likelihood one of the men originally drafted in Scotland and was photographed at the end of his service - an prior to
being presented with his campaign medal(s).

Cabinet Photograph
Fred E. Bailey - Photographer
92&96 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
c. 1902