This photograph shows what might be considered a typical late Victorian soldier's bunk. This bunk may be that of a
member of the 1st Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry since it was found with the previous image of the cooks of
that battalion.

To the left id the soldier's foot locker. Next to his bunk is his Lee-Metford rifle. Hanging from the wall behind the cot
are various components of his Slade-Wallace buff leather equipment. Beneath his cot are his shoes and shoe brushes.
On the walls are c. 1895 versions of the what in a later war become known as "pin ups". On the left hand side of the
top shelf is his helmet which appears to be protected by an oil cloth cover. It appears that this is his "Home Service"
helmet since it looks to have it's helmet spike attached beneath the cover. In the center  of the top self are his
uniforms, neatly folded with his valise on top. To the right is his covered mess tin with two sets of buff leather
ammunition pouches on top.  The center self hold his personal items which appear to be mostly photographs if soldiers
- friends and comrades in arms. The two photographs third and fourth from the left look to be identical and may be of
the bunks owner.

Cabinet Photograph
William McCrae - Photographer
14 Berkeley Road (Opposite the Mater Misericordiae Hospital) Dublin, Ireland
c. 1895