Looking as battered as the subject's well worn campaign hat, this cabinet photograph is a classing example of subject matter overriding condition of the photograph itself. To a certain
degree, the tattered nature of the photograph's card mount enhances the image's overall effect, mirroring as it does the soldier's equally rumpled appearance.

The soldier is an unidentified private of an unknown regiment who chose to proudly pose for the photographer in his almost shapeless slouch hat and well-worn uniform. Both appear to
be those he campaigned in while on active service in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War. It is quite possible that this man was in all actuality no longer serving with the colours
but choose to put on his old uniform for the photographic session commemorating the receipt of his double clasped Queen's South Africa Medal.

Cabinet Photograph
Barcroft & Crabtree - Photographers
Burnley Nelson and Bacup, Lancashire, England
c. 1902