I believe this cabinet photograph depicts four senior NCOs of the 3rd/King's Royal Rifle Corps taken in the 1880s.

The identification of the mens battalion is based obviously on their distinctive rifle uniforms and also on their campaign
medals and the location of the photograph.

Although the medal ribbons are indistinct the suspenders as well as the order in which they are worn gives us a pretty
good idea of which campaigns these men had served in. Taking the center seated sergeant as an example we can
assume that the medal closest to his shoulder without a clasp is the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.
The other two medals are most likely to be (from center) the 1877-79 South Africa Medal the so-called "Zulu
Medal"and in the center the 1882 Egypt Medal. The Quartermaster Sergeant standing on the left wears the same
1877-79 South Africa Medal as does standing (center) Sergeant-instructor. The Quartermaster Sergeant on the right
wears the 1882 Egypt Medal and the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.

Based upon the service record of the 4 battalions of the 3rd/60th, King's Royal Rifle Corps as well as the battalions of
the Rifle Brigade, the 3rd Battalion, 60th Rilfes/KRRC is the only unit that could possibly have this specific selection
of medals. Although the 1882 Egypt Medal implies that some of these men would also be entitled to the Khedive's Star
it is most probable that the bronze star issued by the Turkish Viceroy of Egypt had not yet been presented to them.

The other key to their unit affiliation is the location of the photograph - Stonehouse, Plymouth. The 3rd, 60th/KRRC is
also the only regular rifle battalion that was stationed for any length of time in the Devonport/Plymouth area. The
battalion arrived there in 1882 immediately after their service in Egypt. This would also help explain the absence of
the Khedive's Star which at least two of the men were entitled to since the Star's issuing authority was in Egypt while
that of the 1882 Egypt medal was of course the British Crown.

Cabinet Photograph
John Pittuck  - Photographer
63 Union Street, Stonehouse Plymouth, England
c. 1882