Lt. The Honorable Conway Stratford George Canning of the 60th Rifles/Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

Canning was born on 15 December, 1854 the son of Charles Henry Spencer George Canning and Cecilia Susannah
Ruggles-Brise. His paternal grandfather was George Canning, 1st Baron Garvagh.

Canning participated in the Gordon Relief Expedition of 1884/5 in the Sudan earning the Egypt Medal with the
clasps "El Teb" and "Tamaai". Later he again saw active service during the Hazara Campaign of 1891, the Isazai
Expedition of 1892 and was awarded the 1854 India General Service Medal with the clasps "Samana 1891" and
"Hazara 1891". Recalled to active duty during the Anglo-Boer War and qualified for the Queen's South Africa
Medal with the clasps "Cape Colony" and "South Africa 1902".

He was promoted Captain on 31 January, 1885. (antedated to 26 November, 1884).
Retired : 28 December, 1894.
Appointed Captain, Reserve of Officers, Royal Rifles Reserve Regiment:
24 April, 1900.
Promoted Major in the Reserve of Officers: 18 October, 1902.
Appointed Honorary Major in the 5th Battalion, KRRC: 4 November, 1902

Canning never married died on 19 February, 1926 and was interred at St. Albans.

Carte de Visite
Elliott & Fry - Photographer
55 & 56 Baker Street, London, W., England
c. 1884