An interesting collection of five carte de visites depicting the growth to manhood of Harry Charles Harvey who served
with the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the Royal Irish Rifles, and the Imperial Yeomanry during the Anglo-Boer War.
Above: Harvey is pictured as a Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Harry Charles Harvey was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on 20 July 1868 the son of Francis Edward Harvey and
Maria Cookson. The family was well off and had been involved in the Russia trade for several generations. Harry's
father Francis (b. 28 July 1828) and his grandfather Thomas (b. 4 January 1794) being born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Harry Charles Harvey attended Cliffton College, Cambridge until 1887 before attending the Royal Military College,

Army List -1895
2nd Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion, the Royal Irish Rifles - 21 September 1889
Lieutenant - 22 March 1893

London Gazette
Lieutenant, Retired Pay - 10 August 1898
Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles - 16 August 1898
Captain - 24 January 1900
Seconded to the Imperial Yeomanry - 17 April 1900
Captain on the Establishment - 2 November 1901
Instructor of Musketry - 3rd Batt., Royal Irish Rifles - 2 May 1903
Resigns as Instructor of Musketry - 13 February 1904
Honorary Major - 12 May 1906
Resigns (4th Batt., Royal Irish Rifles) - 7 June 1913
Temporary Major - 9 September 1915

During the Anglo-Boer War, Captain Harvey (3rd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles) was seconded to the Imperial Yeomanry
as a lieutenant and attached to the 60th Squardon, Imperial Yeomanry which along with the 61st became unofficially
known as the Irish Yeomanry. Detailed for service in Rhodesia the 60th and 61st departed from Southampton on
board the
Galeka stopping only at Tenerife before arriving in Beira, Portuguese, East Africa.

The two squadrons spent a week aboard the
Galeka before being allowed to disembark. They then proceeded to
establish their camp at a place known as Twenty-three Mile Creek were they remained until 23 May 1900 before
moving on to Bamboo Creek. This place was less than ideal and in his book
Rhodesia - And After, Sharrad H. Gilbert
(65th Squadron, Imperial Yeomanry) mentions that "
the 60th lost one of their officers, Lieut. Harvey, who was
invalided home from the effects of the pestilential climate

Harvey's tour of duty in South Africa lasted only a few months before he was felled by a disease from which he would
eventually recover. He was entitled to the Queen's South Africa Medal with the single clasp "

On Thursday, 27 July 1908. Harvey would marry Lilian Woolf, the youngest daughter of Henry Woolf of Holland
Park, London.

Harvey was re-appointed temporary major early in World War One but I have been unable to find any additional
information regarding his service during the Great War.

Carte de Visite
Hills & Saunders - Photographer
York Town,  England
c. 1903
Harry Charles Harvey
Approx. 10 years old.

Carte de Visite
William Clarke - Photographer
27 Park Street, Bristol, Engalnd
c. 1879
Harvey abt. 1870"

Carte de Visite
H. Steinburg - Photographer
Was. Ost. 11 L. 26, St. Petersburg
c. 1873
Identified on verso "H. C. Harvey
aged 16

Carte de Visite
W. H. Midwinter - Photographer
49 Park Street, Bristol, Engalnd
c. 1885
Harry Charles Harvey
Approx. 15 years old.

Carte de Visite
W. D. Downey - Photographer
57 & 61 Ebury Street, London,
S.W., England
c. 1884