Wearing a peaked cap with the badge of the Imperial Yeomanry, G. A. Decker posed for the camera in December of 1902 for what was a Christmastime greeting to an unknown
recipient from himself and his wife. The actual identity of Decker has remained elusive and I have been unable to find any records (up until now) relating to either an officer or trooper
in the Imperial Yeomanry by that name.

In the photograph Decker wears what might be considered semi military garb. In fact his cap appears to be the only uniform element in his chosen costume. Her wears a white silk
scarf as a cravat and his jacket, while of military looking cut, is lacking in any form of military embellishment being devoid of regimental badges, rank insignia or medal ribbons. Even
the buttons are of the most basic and plain sort.

The reverse side inscription reads: "
With kind remembrances from Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Decker. X Mas 1902..." The inscription ends with appears to be the name of the locality form
which Decker was writing but I can not quote make out the spelling.  The fact that the photograph's card mount is of a massed produced holiday type with no photographers information
also hinders identifying Decker.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location - Great Britain
Christmas 1902