This carte de visite is one of those images that tantalizingly refuses to be fully identified.

An ink inscription on the reverse says:
"My grandfather Dwyer when he was Bandmaster or Drum Major in the army.
"He was in a Kent County Regt."
The inscription is signed "WJD". There would seem to be enough information there to
allow for this Drum Major to be identified but so far I have not been able to find any reference to a man of this rank in
either the 3rd Regiment of Foot (The Buffs) also known as the Royal East Kent Regiment or either the 50th or 97th
Regiments of Foot that when linked later jointly became known as Royal West Kent Regiment. Unfortunately this
soldier had an oil cloth cover on his cap which hid his regimental badge.

Embossed Carte de Visite
(copied form an 1860s vintage original)
W. Hudson - Photographer/Copiest
62 Bordesley, Birmingham, England
c. 1890