Carte de Visite
C. Southgate - Photographer
4 Bernard Street, Southampton, Hampshire
c. 1877 -1880

Although small in this carte de visite, enough detail is apparent in this colour-sergeant’s collar and glengarry badges to indicate his regiment as the 13th (1st Somersetshire, Prince
Albert's Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot. The badges consist of a light infantry bugle with a mural crown above, topped off with a scroll bearing the battle honour "Jellalabad". As was
customary in light infantry regiments, this sergeant wears his rank insignia on both tunic sleeves. His tunic is of the 1877 pattern.

Given the approximate time frame of the photograph, he could have been a member of either the 13th’s 1st or 2nd battalions. The 1st Battalion had been overseas since 1867 and
returned home in late 1879. It had taken part in the Ninth Cape Frontier War (1878) and the Anglo-Zulu War (1879) in South Africa. The sergeant could have commemorated his return
home soon after his arrival at Southampton with this photo. His lack of campaign medal at this time would be understandable since the battalion’s medal roll for the 1877-79 South Africa
Medal was not compiled until 2 September 1880 at Devonport.

The 2nd Battalion departed England for Malta and the India in 1877 and would not return home for almost twenty years in 1894. He could have had his portrait taken in Southampton just
prior to his departure in 1877.