Charles Alfred Howard McPherson of the 2nd West India Regiment pictured in a rather flamboyant costume that
may in some way have been associated with his regiment. British officer's of the West India Regiment wore
regulation pattern uniforms common to the other line infantry regiments. Other ranks in the West India Regiments
wore Zouave-style uniforms that were unique in the British army. The costume may have been it is something of his
own creation that is not tied to his military service at all, perhaps he was involved in a theatrical production at the

5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps
Ensign – 19 February 1873
Lieutenant -

2nd West India Regiment
Sub-Lieutenant - 22 September 1875
Lieutenant - 22 September 1876
Captain - 28 February 1883
Retired with Gratuity - 14 August 1889

McPherson began his military career with the Volunteers in Liverpool where he made his home in 1873. An entry in
the 27 August 1875
London Gazette indicates that McPherson was in business up to that date with a Patrick Ross,
the firm in question - A. B. McPherson, Ross and Co. Liverpool - was a partnership operating as shipping,
insurance and forwarding agents. The
Gazette entry states that the firm was dissolved by mutual consent on the
same given day. A month later he took his commission with the 2nd West India Regiment.

It does not appear that he saw any active service in the field with his regiment although he probably did serve in
West Africa for some period of time.

After his retirement in 1889 he re-entered private business. Another entry in the
Gazette, this one dated 11
December 1896 indicates that McPherson along with one Thomas Chilton had been appointed Liquidators for the
Liverpool firm of Phaspho Guano Company. Ltd. This entry also lists McPherson's address as the Lodge Holden-
Street, Brighton-le-Sands.

McPherson was born in Aintree, Lancashire, England in 1851, the son of Alexander and Ellen McPherson. He was
married to Louisa Lyndon Kerr and had at least three daughters, one, Gladys Victoria McPherson who married
Major Charles Hesketh Fleetwood-Hesketh.

McPherson died relatively young at the age of 50 in 1901.

Carte de Visite
Van Dyke & Brown - Photographer
Liverpool, England
c. 1880s
McPherson wearing the uniform of the 5th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps. The
significance of the morning band on his arm is uncertain. Although commissioned an Ensign
in 1873 the single Garter Star on McPherson's collar seems to indicate that he had been
promoted Lieutenant in the Volunteers by the time this photograph was taken.

Carte de Visite
Van Dyke & Brown - Photographer
Liverpool, England
c. 1874
McPherson in walking out dress of the 2nd West India Regiment. This photograph would
have been taken sometime after his promotion to lieutenant in 1876.

Carte de Visite
Richard Brown - Photographer
Liverpool, England
c. 1876