A group image taken during the Spanish-American War of military attachés at the United States military
headquarters at Santiago de Cuba. Standing left to right are the representatives of Sweden, Austria, Japan and
Great Britain. Seated is that of Russia and the white uniformed German.

With the exception of Sweden all of the represented nations would be a few short years involved in wars either
allied with or against each other. Two years later Germany, Russia, Japan, Austria and Great Britain would fight as
allies in China's Boxer Rebellion of 1900. In 1905 Japan and Russia would confront each other in the
Russo-Japanese War. In 1914 Britain, Russia and Japan would face Germany and Austria in World War One.

Stereo View
Underwood & Underwood - Photographer
New York, London, Toronto - Canada, Ottawa _ Kansas
c. 1898
A detail of the Military Attaché Stereo View.