Top: The original glass plate negative depicting a young member (left) of the Royal Gloucestershire Yeomanry from about 1905. The unit's
distinctive badge can be seen on the troopers cap. Beside him (right) stands an officer of another yeomanry regiment, the Yorkshire Dragoons.
The officer wears a medal which I have not yet been able to identify. A splendid example of the Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry helmet
- with its
distinctive plume -
rests on a table in front of the two men. A special thanks to Mr. Adrian Wynne-Morgan for the information regarding the
Yorkshire Dragoons.

Bottom: A positive of the glass negative.  

Glass Plate Negative
3 1/4 Inches by 4 1/4 Inches
(Approximately 8cm x 10.5cm)
Unknown Photographer
Great Britain
c. 1905