Cabinet Photograph
S. Mahadeo & Son - Photographer
Belgaum, Bangalore & Bonbay, India
c. 1905

While some exactly which fraternal organization is depicted in old photograph can be difficult to determine at times in this case membership in the Masons is quite clear based upon the
regalia worn by this unnamed Armourer Sergeant of the 1st Battalion, the Essex Regiment. He wears four Masonic "jewels" on his tunic's left breast along with a Masonic apron and

While the identity of the sergeant remains a mystery I believe that at the time this photograph was taken he was a member of United Services Lodge 2735 which was located at the
Madras Presidency in Bangalore, India beginning in 1898. Based upon the 1904 date that appears on the original glassine envelope (shown below) and that 1906 date when the 1/Essex
left Bangalore for Burma it seems logical to place a 1905 date on this image (Sometimes my deductive powers really frighten me!)

Below: The original glassine envelope in which the above photograph was found. Seldom seen and a rarity in itself, that fact that the original photo was found still house in this cover
explains the its almost flawless condition.