If it were not for his rather stern visage this dignified white haired old veteran may have made for a good rendition of Father Christmas. In his younger days he was an old India hand
as evidenced by his single clasped 1854 India General Service Medal (right) and his Indian Mutiny Medal with two clasps (left). The center most medal is probably a Long Service &
Good Conduct Medal making this old gentleman a former non-commissioned officer in Her Majesty's service.

This unidentified corporal - styled on his sash "Chief Ruler" was  member of the Independent Order of Rechabites, a so-called "Friendly Society" organized along fraternal lines that
was founded in 1835. Named for the Rechabites of the Old Testament, the society was organized into "Tents" as opposed to the more commonly thought of lodges with each tent
presided over by a Chief Ruler - such as the soldier pictured above.

Cabinet Photograph
Mela Ram - Photographer
Peshawar, Cherat & Sialkot
c. 1900