Lt. John Chard: "Hold our ground? Who thought that one up? Somebody’s son and heir, got a commission before he could shave?"
Lt. Gonville Bromhead: "I rather fancy he's nobody's son and heir now"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   from Cy Endfield's 1964 production of ZULU
Family Relationships within Victoria's Military
While researching the personal history of certain individuals whose photographs appear in the collection of I became aware of familiar relationships between certain subjects of said collection. This section is the product of these
sometime inadvertent discoveries. Some are quite well known and others simply surprising or interesting. All tend to illustrate just how small the British army of Victoria's time really was. These family trees will not depict any family's entire military
history which in some case could span centuries nor all known siblings but only that part of a tree that relates directly to original photographs held in this website's collection.
The Luard Family
The Degacher/Niven Family
The Vereker/Hamilton Family
The Gifford Family
The Denison Family