With a portait of Edward VII taking center stage this photograph offers a remarkable look at this soldier's little corner of the Empire
which he served. Numerous photograph and paper pinwheels decorate the shallow arched alcove that housed this artilleryman's bunk. A
portrait of General Roberts can be made out in the upper right corner of the photograph and an image of a young woman can just be
seen below Roberts photograph at the extreme far right edge of the photograph - and early 1900s version if a "pinup". Lost amid the
decorations are this soldiers Slade-Wallace buff leather belt and braces which hand from wooden pegs at the right and left of the image.
The letters "F" and "G" appear on the upper back wall and these may be this soldier's initials.

A pencil inscription on the photograph's reverse reads: "Malta Artillery 1900 1911". Since no photographer's name appears on the card
mount it is impossible to verify the location positively. The bullfighting picture to the left of the soldier brings to mind Gibraltar. As the
dates do coincide with the reign of Edward VII and the soldier was a member of the Royal Garrison Artillery (the RGA letters appear on
his shoulder straps) I will let the Malta stand here.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
c 1905