An unidentified captain of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Besides being a very complex composition with painted
infantry style spikes on the top of their otherwise standard pattern Home Service Helmet. This differs from the ball
worn by regular British artillery units.

Based upon the photographer's locallity it may be that this officer was a member of the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment
which was authorized on 28 May 1869 as the ‘New Brunswick Brigade of Garrison Artillery’ in St John, New
Brunswick.  The unit can trace it's pedigree back to May 4, 1793, when The Loyal Company of Artillery, was
formed by Captain John Colville, a member of Saint John’s first Common Council. The Loyal Company of Artillery
was formed in response to France’s declaration of war against Britain on February 1st, 1793.

Cabinet Photograph
Wm. Bruckhof & Co. - Photographer
Corner of King and Charlotte Streets, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
c. 1900