Originating in Ontario, Canada this tintype photograph depicts a sergeant of an unidentified Canadian militia battalion. Unfortunately
the helmet plate on his foreign service helmet is out of focus enough to prevent positive identification of his battalion. He wears a
British 1877-81 pattern tunic without badges of any sort which seems to have been typical of Canadian militia units at the time. The
spike on his helmet is mounted on a ventilated brass dome. As with all tintype or ferrotype photographs the image is reversed hence the
sergeant appearing to wear his chevrons on the left sleeve instead of the right as well as his sash seeming to be worn over his left
shoulder instead to the right.

This sergeant was probably typical of those NCO's who served during the Riel Rebellion in the mid 1880's.

1/6 Plate Tintype or Ferrotype
Unknown Photographer
Ontario, Canada
c. 1880